just keep walking....

So my preggie book told me that it was best to start exercising when you are at least 4 months pregnant. So I have been walking daily with the dogs, to get us all out and about. I just go out into the field to the creek and back. The dogs love it and they get off their butts and get some exercise. After about 3 days I noticed my butt muscles were a little sore..lol..but I also feel more energized after I'm done. Since I didn't really exercise that much before I got pregnant, I have to be careful not to over exert myself b/c it's not good for me or the baby. But so far, so good!!

The hubby is finally done with his training and will be home daily. YAY! I got used to him being gone during the week, but I look forward to him being home every night now. :-) Even though he's a 6ft tall 5 year old, I love him to death and really do enjoy him being around. No matter how much I may complain about him, I wouldn't trade him for the world. 


So my belly is starting to itch :-) I'm not stretching yet just growing e-v-e-r so slowly. And it's harder to sit in a compressed position, I have to have room to breath. Specially when I yawn or sneeze. The belly I had before I got pregnant doesn't help...lol.

AND I'm starting to eat a lot more. I at least feel like I'm eating all the time...a lot of snacking it all it is really. I tend to eat lots of fruit, veggies, sandwiches and nuts. No weird cravings...just when a commercial comes on or someone mentions some kind of food, I'm like: that sounds AWEsome!! So I go get some.

I am definitely getting more irritable easier...Hubby always forgets I'm prego when that happens.

So a slight prego update: My stomach tends to get upset easier. After I ate breakfast the other day, I felt nauseous and if I am really active. I'm guessing this is because my baby is getting bigger...not sure. I am starting to show but I just wish I could fast forward to when I'm obviously pregnant so I don't just look fat. :-P

Hubby has started to be more considerate of my pregnancy by fixing dinner the other night when I didn't feel good. Other then that, he tends to forget that me being prego makes me more emotional. Like it's hard to figure out....but that's men for you.

Just to start

So I just got home from watching "Julie & Julia", a very good movie if I do say so myself..however that is not the reason I started this blog. I started one about a year ago but really did not have anything to talk about as I was a college student with a crumbling relationship and did not want my failing engagement to be posted for all the world to see.

Now, however, I am happily married (to a different guy) and expecting my first child in February..I think now I have a lot to talk about. :-) The movie just reminded me.

I am exactly 4 months preggers right now. I had a checkup this morning and got to listen to my growing baby's heartbeat. :-) Only the sweetest sound I have ever had the honor of reaching my ears. No gender specified yet, but next month on the 6th, we will find out, finally!! Four months is not a long time, but waiting to find out boy vs girl makes it feel twice as long. Specially when your mother insists on buying baby clothes, all girl so far, for the past couple months.

So far so good though, no sickness, no cravings. I get headaches when I need a nap, or food, but other then that, I have really had no basic symptoms of pregnancy! It's lovely :-)

But now I need to eat...going 12 hours without eating is not good when you're eating for two. Baby is very unhappy with me. So steak, potatoes, and my favorite show: Bones!