CHD Awareness Year!

February 7-14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. 

But it is also:
Have a Heart for A Chained Dog Week and
Risk Awareness Week.

Today is also Valentine's Day, which you knew, but did you know it is also:

Ferris Wheel Day
Organ Donor Day
Day of Action
Creme-filled Chocolates Day
Have-a-Heart Day
International Quirky Alone Day
Frederick Douglas Day
Pet Theft Awareness Day
Library Lovers Day
Race Relations Day
Condom Awareness Day
Women's Heart Day
Singles Awareness Day
World Marriage Day
League of Women Voters Day

Really? Now I know most of you have probably never heard of most of these days; I haven't, but that is a lot of competition!
That is why I am asking everyone to make EVERY month, EVERY week congenital heart defect awareness time. I'm not asking for a parade every week for CHD, but for us to take the ROAR we make during CHD week down to a RUMBLE that lasts all year!

I know CHD week is a huge time in the heart community, and I applaud the work each and every heart mom puts into this week. Whether you are simply sharing every CHD fact you see, or if you are out there going door to door with heart shaped cookies and a pamphlet; you are helping. 

CHD week has been a huge success this year and I'm so happy for that. I have seen a lot of sharing and reaching out to those who haven't heard of CHD before. The photo challenge through The Corbin Story was a great success and something I plan to continue for years to come. 

Let's keep it going! Keep your advocate voice at a consistent rumble and I just know CHD week will soon be a worldwide-known term.

Here is a recap of our CHD week photo challenge:

First post of #CHDweek
My #angel, Corbin Walker Caruthers. 
He was born with Williams Syndrome that caused many#heartdefects
After three heart surgeries, it was too much for his little heart and he passed May 17th, 2011. 
He is the passionbehind Corbin's Bill and why I do what I do every day.

Red is the color for #chd awareness but also my color for Corbin. 
This is a balloon release we had in DC while I was with Baby's First Test. 
One of my favorite shots.

to speak or write in favor of; 
support or urge by argument; recommend publicly. 
2. A person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.
3. A person who pleads for or in behalf of another. 
I am an advocate. I will forever be an advocate because of my son. 
You cannot sway my purpose or squash my passion. 
I will always advocate for newborns, for their health, their well being, and their safety. 
I do this to honor my son. To keep his legacy alive.
I will not stop. I will not be silenced. I do this #forcorbin.

Corbin's first heart surgery took 8 hours. 
I wasn't worried one bit, the entire 8 hours, until they called and 
said they were bringing him back to the PICU. THEN I got worried. 
That is also when we heard William's Syndrome for the first time. 
Two weeks later we had an official diagnosis.
This is what his room looked like right after surgery. There are 15 medicine dispensers. 
I was forewarned it would be overwhelming. My first thought was it looked like the deck of a spaceship. Thankfully he recovered very well from that surgery.#1in100 #thecorbinstory #forcorbin

The probe on baby Sally's foot is a pulse oximeter. 
After Corbin passed, I realized how vital pulse ox screening is. 
I wasted no time in starting Corbin's Bill with help from some wonderful heart moms 
(Hi Kathy and Michelle!). Pulse ox is a proven method for heart defect
screening and saving lives! Why would you deny a PAINLESS, 
two minute, bandaid-with-a-light on it, screening?!
#1in100 babies are born with a heart defect and pulse ox can detect them. Enough said.

This is Dr. Gus, Corbin's "baby heart doctor" as my dad likes to say. Even though he couldn't save Corbin, I have nothing but love and respect for him. He would always walk very quietly into the room, gently touch Corbin on the chest or hand, look at his numbers, then leave without a word. If you didn't have any questions, he would leave, but if you did, he would answer them very well and slowly so you could understand. The first time we met him, my husband was afraid he shook his hand too hard because "those are the hands that could save Corbin". A #nurse I want to mention is Christy. She became part of the family and I will NEVER forget the look on her face when we were told Corbin's heart had stopped. She was the one that always had a smile and a hug for us. I will always cherish the friendship and love she showed us those three months. These are my two favorite people from Ruby Memorial. #1in100#thecorbinstory

Most have no known cause. Some are caused by random genetic disorders 
like Williams Syndrome or DiGeorge Syndrome.
Both are reasons to have your baby's heart checked at your 20 week
scan AND to ask about your#pulseox screen after birth. 
Did you know sometimes a CHD forms before you even know 
you are pregnant?? #education and#awareness is vital. CHD can
affect anyone- share and be aware of the most common birth defect. #1in100 #thecorbinstory

CHD Week begins!

Here we go! CDH Week starts today and I have created this photo challenge to help everyone spread awareness and connect us all at the same time. 

If you have never done a photo challenge before, don't worry, it's easy!

1.Simply follow each day's photo prompts by taking a photo of something that the word makes you think of.
2.Upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, etc...
3.Add the hash tags at the end of your post. This allows others to look up that hash tag and see what everyone has posted. Plus it helps me see how many people participated :)

I will add, if you plan on uploading pictures of your warrior/angel from when they had heart surgery, please, please, please do not forget a watermark! Especially if you know that photo will be shared. I explain why here

*This is a Corbin Story original creation. DO NOT alter or claim as your own. Thanks!*

Here is my first post:
My heart angel Corbin. He was born with Williams Syndrome that caused many #heartdefects. After three heart surgeries, it was too much for his little heart and he passed May 17th, 2011. He is the passion behind Corbin's Bill and why I do what I do every day. This is the first post of the #chdweek photo challenge!#1in100 #thecorbinstory #forcorbin