A hard road to walk

I'm all about sharing my feelings so that other's don't feel alone. But there are some things I just can NOT share because I know I will be judged. That's just the truth.

You may be thinking "No! You can tell me anything."
But that's not true and you know it.

There are some things that can not be said out loud. Some emotions that can not be shared. Some experiences, some emotions, some realizations, that cannot be share. Plain and simple. Period. No doubt about it.

I could tell you that I no longer find other's pregnancy announcements enjoyable and you will either relate, or frown and think "well, that's not cool.". It's just reality. No judgement here, just a plain and simple realization that others will ALWAYS think differently then me. That's ok. Sometimes it's not, but that's not my point. There are some things you can only share with your therapist or best friend. Like I did.

I love my therapist. I would see her again if I had the same insurance. But I don't. She is amazing. I recommend her to everyone. Our first appointment; she listened for an hour and half while I bawled, yelled, and laughed about the past year and a half. She never once looked at the clock or acted bored. She listened and nodded and laughed and wiped away tears as I told her my story. She is uh.mazing.

She changed my life.

Anyway. Back to what I was saying: you cannot always say what your are thinking. I'm here to tell you that is ok. Just because you have a blog and people follow it, does not mean you are an open book. That's ok if you are!! But some of the time, I'm not.