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CHD Week 2017 Twibbon

Want this twibbon?

Head here and add it to your facebook and twitter profiles now!

CHD Awareness Week: 2017!

I'm so excited for our FOURTH year hosting the CHD Awareness Week Photo-A-Day Challenge! 

Here is the new list:

It's super easy to follow along: simply post a picture to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc that you feel relates to the word of the day.
It could be something that you took yourself, an old photo, or something you found online. Just remember to add the hashtag #CHDweek2017 so that I can see how many people participated this year.
You can add part of your story or just the photo; however much you feel comfortable sharing!

One month and counting!!

How to watermark your sensitive photos

In light of the bad people out there who steal other people's photos and use them in scams, hoaxes, fake profiles, or those sad, disturbed people who fake losing a child for the attention, I feel it is time again to share:

How to watermark your photos!

It is so easy!

A. Find an app/program

If you are using a PC desktop, a quick, free, and easy way is to download Picasa
If you have a mac, iphoto can do it too! Simply upload your photo of choice, add text, and save. **Link included to make this super easy!

If you are using your phone, there are dozens and dozens of apps that will let you add text to your photos. I use Photo Grid, there is Font Studio, Pic Lab, Text on Photo, Photo Editor..on and on and on. And they're free!
**I have included links to make it super easy! Please download one!

B. Add your watermark

So what you want to remember is to:
1. center the text
2. make is dark enough to read
3. make it big enough that it cannot be removed . This is SUPER important!!


C. Save!

Save that photo and share away! 

D. Share this link!

You gotta share so that other parents can protect their images!


This is NOT a guarantee that someone won't be a total douchenugget and take the time and effort to remove your watermark BUT I AM SAYING that this will prevent photo theft! If someone is out there looking for a photo of a sick baby to steal, they will most likely look over yours if it is watermarked. This is to protect your baby! 

Please do not share sensitive unwatermarked photos. EVER. 

CHD Week 2016!

It is that time of year again! MY time of the year! I love CHD week and I love seeing all the changing profiles from out new twibbon

I know what you came here for, the new CHD Awareness Week Photo A Day Challenge! Back for our third year, I'm so proud and happy that you all continue to share and take part and make CHD week a huge success!

As always, SHARE! Tag your friends and family, post this to your support pages, your Twitter, Pinterest, Scoop It, Instagram, etc. Just don't forget to use the hashtags so we can all so your post! #CHDWeek2016 and #1in100. 

Go forth and spread awareness advocates! 

*If you would like to see more #CHDWeek images that you can share, head to our page at The Corbin Story on facebook and check out a collection of images to share!

Update July 2015

Hi there! I hope you have found this blog because you are interested in learning more about pulse ox and heart defects, or maybe you saw my car with the website on the back and decided to check it out, either way: welcome. Please take a minute to read my son's story. Corbin was three months old when he passed away from heart defects but he has left an amazing legacy that continues to grow and blossom and inspire others to make a difference. It's all true and I hope you cherish it as much as I do.

I myself am currently enrolled back in college to study Diagnostic Sonography (ultrasounds and echos). I chose this field because of the passion Corbin's life has instilled in me for newborns and newborn health. I want to make a difference in someone's life and to be there for those parents who have to struggle through the "heart" journey that we found ourselves on 5 years ago.

I am not as active in social media as I used to be but that does not mean that my passion has left, it just means I have focused it in other places like college and taking care of my rainbow baby (baby after child loss) Charlie Jo. I continue to spread Corbin's story through the non profit I founded in 2013 called The Corbin Story Fund. The Fund raises awareness and education for heart defects and pulse ox as well as supporting a local child loss support group with the help of the NOAH Foundation, and we collect donations for the McDonald House in Morgantown to help families like us that have to stay there for an extended amount of time. We also honor Corbin's life through the Adopt a Highway program and clean up a local road a couple times a year.

If you were like to support this cause, please donate through paypal to: info@thecorbinstory.com

Meanwhile, I continue to volunteer with the Save Babies through Screening Foundation as a board member as well as participating with the NYMAC organization to help spread newborn screening awareness and education throughout the northern east coast.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Corbin's story and please feel free to share!

God bless.