Let's kickoff #CHDweek!

Hi there! I hope you have found this site because you are taking part in our second annual photo a day challenge!

If you have never done one before, don't worry, it's easy.
Each day has a corresponding word. You simply take a photo of anything that the word inspires you to think of. If you want to describe it literally or metaphorically, that's ok! You can write a poem, draw a picture, or even post a video. Whatever you like, just don't forget to use the hashtags #chdweek and #1in100 so that others can see your post and so that I can see your beautiful photos!

Here is the list. Feel free to share just do not alter or make your own in any way.

Have fun!

Here is my post for day one: Diagnosis
#chdweek Day 1: #Diagnosis. It was February 25th, 5 days after Corbin was born. We had just gotten out of an ultrasound appointment with a cardiologist whose exact words were "you need to take him to the ER or he is going to die." I ran from the room bawling, leaving my mom to gather up the baby. Luckily the ER was right across the street, although they ignored my heartbroken pleas to see him asap. They insisted on doing the stupid paperwork while I paced the room, praying he wouldn't die right there in the triage room.
Here he is being hooked up so they can check his heart. I had to leave when they tried over and over to get an IV in his tiny vein.
A complete stranger came up to me, said "you must be the mama, let us pray", grabbed my hand and starts praying for Corbin. I'll never forget her kindness.
That was the day we found out Corbin had life threatening #heartdefects.
(I watermark most photos of Corbin just in case) #chd #chdmom#heartmonth