When it rains, it pours.

1. I had to cancel my 2nd fundraiser for The Corbin Story Fund due to insurance issues.

2. My husband's car broke down.

3. The engine needs replaced in said car.

4. Said engine is going to cost, with installation, about $3000.

5. My husband got fired. For no reason.

6. Said husband got his old job back within hours of said firing.

7. I had a meltdown at work.

8. Unable to gather $3000 so far.

9. When it rains, it pours.

Did I forget anything??

Oh yeah.
10. I need a vacation.

First fundraiser in Corbin's honor

The Corbin Story Fund had it's first fundraiser tonight.
Not one single person showed up. No phone calls, no fliers, no nothing. I called the restaurant to ask and the manager told me that one of his servers saw it on TV, but still nobody!

What do I have to say to get people to come?

You get to stuff your face, drink, pig out on dessert AND it helps a good cause!
Help raise awareness of something you have never heard of!
It's for a good cause, I promise!


I'm hurt. I'm disappointed, angry, sad, and hopeful at the same time.

Hopefully tomorrow will turn out better. 

I'm not giving up.

For southern West Virginian's: here is the deal- dinner at Chili's in Beckley tomorrow (July 2nd), from 4-10 pm, show up with the below flier, and have proceeds donated to my non-profit set up in Corbin's honor. 
That easy, and you get food! Please tell your friends, co-workers, your church, and your boy scout troupe. Help me raise money in Corbin's honor, for CHD and pulse ox awarness, for education, and for support for locals families that have lost a child. Do it for Corbin. Do it for your kids. Do it for the fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone out. But please just show up!