Closing in!

As of today, I am 37 and 1/2 weeks along. I have 16 days till my due date but we'll see how far I actually go! 

I have to say, being pregnant makes me more emotional than I would like to admit. Crying is a given, I tear up at movie previews...watching other people have a happy moment on TV...and specially when I feel down. I have a temper to note of anyway, but these emotions just make me so hateful sometimes. I gotta give Hubby kudos for putting up with me. He isn't the greatest all the time mind you...but I wish he would do the dishes more often, help with laundry and cleaning and such. I want him to OFFER to do it. I know he will if I ask for help, but thats not the point!! So I just breezed through my usual cleaning spurt by myself grumbling to myself that it must be nice for Hubby to just sit around and play video games while his 9 month pregnant wife cleans the whole house. But I have to remind myself that I really don't mind cleaning while he plays...because what else am I going to do?! But I still hate that stupid video game...this is what I see more often then I would like...

*sigh*!! It is his only hobby so I have to put up with it no matter how much I don't like it. We have finally reached a middle ground where he's only allowed to play when I have something to do to amuse myself and he's only allowed to play on his days off work. God love him but he drives me

This has got to be the worst winter I have seen in a long time. Usually in the past years, winter has included maybe one or two snow storms but we have had about 4 big snow storms pass through ON TOP of two big floods. It snows, the snow melts, it rains, it snows again and starts all over. This is what happens when we get too much rain and snow. Thats about 5-6 acres covered by water. Crazy!

Other then the weather...we finished up our birth classes, which I'm really glad I took. Im having a doctors appointment every week now. So far everything has been normal. My belly is measuring about 39 inches and they think I'll have an 8 pound baby. We're really just waiting now! I finally decided on a layout for the baby room after rearranging it about 3 dozen times! I found some name letters and painted them in the room colors I'm trying to stick to.

We took a poll the other day, asking people whether they liked Carter or Cash better for the middle name. Hubby's step-grandma suggested Cash and I really liked it! But after 90% of people who voted said they liked Carter, I decided that I guess we had picked it for a good reason! I just can't wait for him to get here. I really think I'm going to enjoy being a's something that I have always wanted. To get married and start a family. Sure, I wanted to graduate college first, but everything happens for a reason. :-)

We will get our tax return back within the week
and I hope to get a new entertainment center. The one we have right now doesn't have doors and when C gets older, I don't want him crawling into all the electronics and wires. I think we are finally ready for him to arrive!