Providing life where there is catastophe

Did you have a merry Christmas? I hope so. I bet you had a wonderful dinner surrounded by friends and family, complete with a full meal and lots of gifts.

There are many families that are lucky to even get food on the table. There homes have been wiped out by hurricanes, tsunamis or fire. Can you imagine your entire home being washed away? With nowhere to live and nothing to eat?

Thankfully there is an organization that helps those families with nothing. The World Food Program was created to help families who have suffered an immense loss and cannot provide food for their family. When I was reading their mission statement, my eyes got wide when I read one of the very last lines on the webpage:

"Normally, poor and hungry people are those who earn less then the equivalent of one dollar a day..."

Wow. ONE DOLLAR a day. That's about $30 a month. I spend that much just on crap, like a pair of shoes or a new dutch oven (true story). To live off $1 a day leaves me speechless.

I'm so thankful for organizations like this that take the time and effort to help those who are much more needy then us. What an amazing cause. Please take a moment to check out their website, share a link, or just watch this video. And don't forget, a small donation of $35 provides enough food for 2 weeks. Just think about it.

And while you're at it, try out this game. I came across this years ago and it only took a few minutes for me to have helped feed the needy. It takes less time then you take to check your Facebook.

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

Pulse ox saves lives, pass it on.

I put this together this morning, though I have to give full credit to my best friend Rachel for the quote!

Please share and pass it on!

The best gift of all: saving a live for Christmas

Did you know that every TWO minutes, a woman dies during childbirth?

What an awful tragedy, that a woman would lose her life while bringing a new life into the world.

There is a organization that has dedicated all it's power into preventing such a thing from happening. Maternity Worldwide wants to see a world where "every mother, wherever she lives, is able to give birth safely and without fear."

Through this organization, they:

- provide communities with information on maternal health and family planning
-improve access to health centers and hospitals
-train local midwives and doctors to help them provide safe births
-where necessary, provide the equipment and resources needed so hospitals and health centers can enable woman to give birth safely.

Maternity Worldwide has introduced an amazing idea: save a live for Christmas. Instead of buying someone a gift that they don't need, put that small amount of money towards helping a woman have a healthy and safe birth. 

For a donation of 15 pounds (little over $24) you can sponsor a safe birth.
For a donation of 50 pounds (little over $80) you can sponsor an emergency c-section.

Simply order a Safe Birth Certificate and pass along the true meaning of the season: life. 

The Corbin Story FUND! Honor Corbin for his birthday.

I have finally reached a dream.
I have the amazing opportunity to reach non profit status through becoming a fund!

I have found a local foundation that exists to help small groups become non profit without having to deal with the paperwork and legalities. Through this foundation I will be able to accept donations and in turn, put that money back into the community through an educational class, educational material, and events. The majority of the money will be held in an account that will gain interest and that will be donated directly to Heart Defect research.

I just need your help!
Right now I am focusing on sharing and letting people know about this fund and how I need to raise $500 to make it a reality. Then after that, I will be official!

My goal is to have reached official Fund status by Corbin's birthday: February 20th. I really hope that all together we can make this happen!

So lets do what we all do best and share!