A recent email brought up something I have not thought about in a long time and I wanted to share.
This was sent to me the night Corbin died.

It is probably one of the most moving messages I have every received and it brings chills and many tears every time I read it.

I wanted to tell you about a dream I had last night. I was walking through a field and ended up at a river. My Dad was there...in his waders fishing. Beside him, up a little bit on the bank was a golden colored baby carrier. The little shade was up, so I couldn't see inside. I looked at my Dad and said "Who is that?" He looked back at me and said "Why Shanna....that's The Peanut. You're never too young to learn how to fish." Then he went about casting his line. I looked at Dad and said "but Dad, he's supposed to be home." Dad said "Shanna Rae, he is home. He'll learn to fish and he won't hurt anymore. Just like me..."

How can you not get chills from that?