Struck by lightning

A few days ago I was shopping for clothes with Monkey when we passed by a register where a couple was checking out. They looked like they were shopping for a friend who was expecting a baby boy soon and I could hear the employee ask when the mother was due.
I looked down at the counter to see what they were buying and it felt like I got hit by lightning.
There it was.
The silky.
A silky just like Corbin had except a different color. The second I laid eyes on it it was like time stopped. Just for that split millisecond I was back in Corbin's hospital room, holding his hand, adjusting his silky over his head. The nurses liked to put it over his head to help keep him warm. It was part blanket, part monkey.

I will never forget that feeling. Like I was frozen in time, in that room, with the beeping and the hospital smell, looking down at my beautiful son as he breathed with a tube down his was terrible. To be forced into that memory. To be shocked into that moment.

It only lasted a split second but it rocked me to my core. I literally shook my head trying to recover my senses. 
What a scary feeling.