Too young

Dear Corbin,

Today a little baby girl named Brooklyn gained her wings, as did a three week old named Hunter. I'm sure you helped welcome them and held their hand to ease their fear. Their family is so sad and scared; could you ask for some peace and strength to be sent their way?

I hate it when any child passes away. It's so hard to understand why they were taken so young, but I know they all go to a good place. Give Brooklyn and Hunter a hug for their families. I know you all are no longer in pain and that gives me a little bit of peace.

Love Mama

If you are reading this, could you send up a prayer, blessings, or just have a moment of silence for these and all children that are taken too young? Some pass from heart defects, others from abuse, others because they were born too early; but ALL were loved and are very much missed.

Written in Stone

Your headstone is here Peanut. Sitting strong above where you lay, memorializing your life and what you mean to us. 

I hope you like it. 

I love how it doesn't look like the rest of the headstones. 

I love, love, love the back.

I love that your grave is no longer unmarked. 

Rest in peace, my sweet one. 
Till we meet again. 

Love, mama.

Dear Corbin,

It's been three months.

Three months without you here.

Today was our annual family reunion. All I could think about was I should have had you with me. I should be showing you off to family members that only come around this time of year. I should have been holding the hand of a toddler while carrying you in my arms.

It effects me, subconsciously. I was grouchy and I blamed it on being tired. But I know the truth. I miss you. I'm mad that I don't have you around to show off. I'm mad that most of your family never got the chance to meet you.

I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound selfish. I would never wish you back just to have you around because I know that it wouldn't take away your disease. I would never wish for you to be back in my arms just to suffer through more surgeries and hospital stays.

So I'm sorry for this rant, but I miss you.

I recently won two pieces of artwork that are going to make up your memorial wall. I haven't started on it yet since I'm waiting on those to arrive, but as soon as it is finished I will show you what it looks like.

Till next time Peanut,

Love mama.
Corbin's Story was just posted on Faces of Loss, which is what it sounds like: A website dedicated to sharing stories from mothers who have lost their child.

I was anxious to get it posted and waited and waited. It took about two months but now it's up.

Now I just feel sad.