oh crap...

I accidentally deleted my iphoto library.

Which means I have no pictures. Anywhere.
They are gone.

I am running a program that is supposed to find deleted files and offer me the option of restoring them. I am PRAYING TO GOD that it works. I cannot live without all my pictures. I would cry.

On a different note, I have had heartburn for about a month which means: hairy baby!! lol.

Oop..gotta go, baby is up!

Before I forget...

Baby #2 Update:
I first felt (him/her) kick in the beginning of September. I really felt (him/her) kick yesterday :D I'm writing this down so that I can put it in (his/her) baby book. I'm trying to keep up and be accurate in Colt's baby book and I def. want to keep it up with baby #2.


I've been having a hard time trying to get Colt to eat baby food. If I catch him at the right moment, he'll polish off a jar no problem; but if he's really hungry, sleepy, not hungry or doesn't like the flavor then it's impossible. He's not used to eating without sucking on something so it'll take some time to get him off the bottle. But I found today that if I give him his own baby spoon to suck on then I can sneak bites in and he'll eat at least half a jar. :D

Heart broken

I love my son so much, it breaks my heart.
He's sitting in his swing right next to me, with a big grin on his face, big blues eyes sparkling, breaking my heart. Babbling while he plays with his pacifier, watching "Grey's Anatomy", and drooling all over the place.
I love watching him scoot and crawl around, it makes me proud to see him pull himself up like a big boy and walk along the couch. He makes me laugh with his funny faces as he sucks on his lower lip, looking over the side of the recliner at me. I laugh with him when I'm tickling his belly, tossing his in the air, or when we play peek-a-boo.
It hurts me when he falls and hits his head, that sad painful cry of his. I yell with him when he starts yelling for no reason, the two of us making a whole lot of racket together.

I love how that kid breaks my heart. <3


For the first time, since getting pregnant and including my pregnancy with Baby C, I threw up today.

Not that exciting but it is something different. I have been feeling sick more often during this pregnancy which leads me to believe this baby could be a girl. :-D With Baby C, I basically had no symptoms of pregnancy at all. You could never tell I was pregnant before until my belly started growing.

So cross your fingers !! And pray for a little Charlotte Mae :-D