How to watermark your sensitive photos

In light of the bad people out there who steal other people's photos and use them in scams, hoaxes, fake profiles, or those sad, disturbed people who fake losing a child for the attention, I feel it is time again to share:

How to watermark your photos!

It is so easy!

A. Find an app/program

If you are using a PC desktop, a quick, free, and easy way is to download Picasa
If you have a mac, iphoto can do it too! Simply upload your photo of choice, add text, and save. **Link included to make this super easy!

If you are using your phone, there are dozens and dozens of apps that will let you add text to your photos. I use Photo Grid, there is Font Studio, Pic Lab, Text on Photo, Photo Editor..on and on and on. And they're free!
**I have included links to make it super easy! Please download one!

B. Add your watermark

So what you want to remember is to:
1. center the text
2. make is dark enough to read
3. make it big enough that it cannot be removed . This is SUPER important!!


C. Save!

Save that photo and share away! 

D. Share this link!

You gotta share so that other parents can protect their images!


This is NOT a guarantee that someone won't be a total douchenugget and take the time and effort to remove your watermark BUT I AM SAYING that this will prevent photo theft! If someone is out there looking for a photo of a sick baby to steal, they will most likely look over yours if it is watermarked. This is to protect your baby! 

Please do not share sensitive unwatermarked photos. EVER.