I had my first doctor's appt. yesterday for baby #2. Everything looked nice and healthy and I wasn't as far along as I thought, but still over 2 months. The baby is a big as a medium sized shrimp, the eyes are developed but not open and the hearing system is developed so the baby can hear me. Today I am 10 weeks along which, get this, puts my due date 4 days after Baby C's birthday! They will be almost to the day, a year apart. Crazy!

I have my first wedding client :-) She is Rachel's niece and I've met her before but it's still a wedding. She's getting married in Myrtle Beach so she only needs me as a consultant. At least I will get some experience and have someone to finally write a review of me. I was hoping this would help jump start my wedding planning career but now that I've found out I'm pregnant, it will have to put on hold a little longer. Again.

I found a new website I am in love with. "Pioneer Woman"..a rancher's wife who has 4 kids, homeschools,  writes, has a cookbook out, is writing a book about how she met her husband, and is a photographer. She is amazing. Hopefully, after I finish this photography class I can start a more successful blog and become a better writer. I was a good writer in college, when I had to be.

I need something constructive to do with my days...when Baby C is asleep, besides watching TV and checking my Facebook every 30 minutes. I don't really have a lot to write a blog really isn't a good idea. I don't like not having a set schedule of work, class, home...things like that. I miss the busy life I used to have. This blog is here for me to vent really...get thoughts out of my head and onto "paper".

Right now though, its Lost with the hubby. The hubby who keeps dozing off...