Oh boy...

It's a boy!
Yes, I cried.
No, not from excitement.
I bawled to my mama. Whimpered like a baby. Laughed at my prego-ness and apologized to the nurses and doctors around me.
It's my fault really, I had convinced myself that I was having a girl so I was disappointed when I found out it was a boy. *siiiiigh* oh well.
Maybe next time...
Oh, and we are naming him Corbin Walker :D

On a different note: I am getting the newest ipod touch for mine and Hubby's 2 year anniversary!! I could NOT be more impatient and excited at the same time. I have been wanted a new video camera ever since I found out I was prego with Baby C. Well...I didn't get one for Christmas, or when Baby C was born, or for my birthday OR when we got our tax return. Daggomit...it is time!
We were shopping around online and found some contenders on Best Buy. I didn't want anything too complicated, I'm not planning on making a blockbuster movie out of my videos. Well...Hubby stumbled across the itouch after he had searched: awesome video cameras. lol.
I was hooked.

I cannot help it! It is just so awesome! It's basically an iphone without the calling feature. And I don't have to pay monthly for anything. You get free internet because it can pick up on your own wireless internet. So you get all the perks right away from that: maps, webcam (live chat), mobile uploads, video and photo uploads instantly to Facebook...etc. It has TWO cameras. TWO. One in the front for close up shots and one in the back that records HD video as well as still shots. You can game on it as well.
How frickin' awesome. :D