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The mission of the Save Babies through Screening Foundation is to educate all parents, whether you're expecting, a new parent, or have been a parent for 20 years, about newborn screening tests and how they can save your baby's life. Their goal is to make sure every newborn in the US is "screened successfully, effectively, and comprehensively."

According to the American College of Medical Genetics, there should be a minimum of 30 disorders that should be including in the screening. There are a possible 36 more disorders that can be tested for and some states screen for up to 50 conditions.

As a young new mother, I had no idea about newborn screening or what it involved. I knew my baby would be tested by a blood sample and that it was to help detect certain disorders but I did not know how many disorders it really tested for or how it can save lives. I also did not know you can request an extended newborn screening panel. This is something, for sure, I will be asking for next time I am expecting. *Some states are not able to run the extended panel, so make sure to ask before you deliver.

Visit here to see how many disorders your state tests for. I'm honestly a little disappointed to see WV only tests for 29 disorders. That will have to be my next project!

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