Corbin goes to the Governor

New update on Corbin's Bill!
Thanks to the American Heart Association we were able to get a signing ceremony for Corbin's Bill at the Governor's office!
Technically the bill became law Wednesday, April 4th at midnight since not all bills need the Governor's signature. But we were all super stoked none the less.

The Hubby and I, Monkey, Papaw and Mamaw packed into our car and drove two hours in the rain to Charleston yesterday. I was all smiles the whole way, imagining what it was going to be like and how I was going to feel. Just thinking that this bill passed in three short months brought tears to my eyes, not to mention the thought of the lives that will be saved!

We arrived early, thankfully it wasn't raining anymore. I took my millionth photo of the capitol building.

And the family.

And my boys.

Inside the dome, waiting.

After a short wait, we were able to go inside the Governor's office to wait for the ceremony.

Monkey was very excited. :)

My two other heart moms, Kathy and Michelle with their Heart Warriors, both named Jacob.

The pens!

The news.

The Governor! He begins with explaining each of the bills he will be signing. 

It went by so fast! I didn't know which camera to look at. 

The lady to the right of me is Delegate Bonnie Brown, one of the bill's sponsors.

She took the time to shake my hand and thank us for the work we did. I'm so glad she was able to attend the ceremony. It means a lot that she took the time.

Chuck introducing me to the Governor.

I got to share my story and thank him for signing the bill. He thanked me for helping bring attention to pulse ox and why it is so very important. He said if we hadn't, they never would have know, and that's true! People don't know about pulse ox till you tell them. 

Here he is shaking Monkey's hand. :)

And then after more pictures, some interviews, and a lot of hugging, we all went home! I have to say, I am SO proud of all of us involved in Corbin's Bill. And I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who sent emails and supported us along the way. YOU all got this bill passed and we truly could not have done it without you. I was told that our bill and the way we handled everything will be the new example for future bill campaigns. And that makes me so proud. :D

I was just interviewed today by WVVA news, so I will post that link as soon as it is up. Meanwhile, here is an article on the Governor's signing from channel 13.