Want to help save lives?

Do you want to help me save lives?

It's really easy.
All you have to do is share. Share Corbin's story, share his legacy of Corbin's Bill, share information about pulse ox and newborn screening.

So easy.

I finally got around to creating a FB page for this blog and along with it, I created a button you can share on your own blog!

Just copy the code to the right>>>>>
 add it as an HTML gadget on your blog, and you're done!

Want to share Corbin's Story? Share this blog or the FB page!

Share information on pulse ox: www.pulseoxadvocacy.com

Share information on newborn screening: http://www.savebabies.org/ or http://www.babysfirsttest.org/

Together we can make a difference and save lives.
All you have to do is click.