Please God, bless me with another child

Every two weeks.
I am SO in tune with my body right. Desperate for another child. Praying, please God, please...I just want another baby. I keep track, diligently, of my cycle, of when I'm ovulating, of any spotting, of any soreness..any signal that something is different.

Sometimes I hate my body.


Damn you for tricking me. Damn you for making me think I might be pregnant. I just want another baby. I get to hold newborns, to photograph newborns, I smell their fresh newborn smell and see them smile in their sleep. My body aches for another child.

Please God.
I just want another child.
A healthy child. A gifted child. A disabled child.
A child.

I am ready.

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Allie Hoelzer said...

It still breaks my heart knowing what you have gone through. I pray the Lord will bless you with a healthy baby in His time and it'll be because of Corbin that you will have this someday 'rainbow. ' :) ♥

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