Newborn Screening Month: Fact 3

Pulse oximetry screening is a type of newborn screening. It can help detect the number one birth defect in newborns: congenital heart defects, or CHDs. 

What is pulse ox?

Pulse oximetry is a painless, non-invasive screening that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood using a small sensor attached to a band. The band is wrapped around baby’s hand and foot, the sensor detects the percentage of oxygen in the blood, and the results are compared to see if there is a possible problem.

Why is this important?

Pulse ox screening is important to know about because it is not mandatory across the US yet. A lot of states have added it to their screening panel, others are working on it, and a few still have work to do on the issue. It is important for parents to ask about the pulse ox screening in every state!
Visit to see where your state stands on pulse ox screening. 

Here is a great video that explains more:

More questions?