CHD awareness week is a month away!

I'm SO excited to be able to host this for our second year! Last year's photo challenge was a great success and I hope to surpass that this year with an even bigger event!

CHD Week starts February 7th and runs till the 14th but the whole month is dedicated to spreading heart defect and heart disease awareness. It's all about spreading knowledge because knowledge can save a life!

If you have never participated in a photo challenge before, don't worry, it's easy!
Each day of the challenge has a work prompt. You are to take a photo or screenshot or draw a picture of something that the day's word makes you think of or inspires you to post.
Post the picture to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Google+ with a description of your post.
Don't forget to use the hashtags #CHDweek and #1in100 in your post so that they can be seen.
That's it!

**This is a Corbin Story original. Do not alter or make your own in any way. You are free to share and tag as much as you would like!**