oh baby!

So as my belly is growing..it is getting noticeably difficult to get up from sitting down, get out of bed, and other daily activities. :-P    I get out of breath easier too...it's kinda funny. I've also noticed lately the baby is getting really active! He kicks a lot around 9 pm, then again in the morning around 9 am. He had a little dance going on around 1:30 today too :-)  It's really neat and makes it that much more real. I love it!!

I recently got poison ivy all over my face! Our neighbors were cutting up firewood on our property and me and Hubby went out to see how they were doing. Hubby decided to help and I sat on the 4wheeler to watch. I never touched a single piece of wood but somehow got poison ivy on my face which has since spread to behind my ears, down my throat, on my chest, and I just noticed, on my stomach. I need to stop scratching!  I went to the doctor the day after to get some preggie friendly meds and she gave me some cream and a steroid shot! Which I later found out from mom was just cortisone, so it had no side effects. I wasn't so sure when I heard steroid!

We finally got the baby room cleaned out. Hubby had to do it in the rain!! lol..it looks so good now! It looks like a real baby room now. The crib is so cute with the mobile, blankets, and stuffed animals. :-) I have a few more boy things, a friend's wife gave me things her boy didn't need anymore. I've realized though, that I would rather have new things. I don't want everyone's leftovers. So a lot of it is going to goodwill.

It's our one year anniversary this weekend and we're going down to visit my parents. Mom is paying for us to stay in a hotel for a night...I'm excited! It will be our first date night in a looong time. And like everyone tells you when you're pregnant...enjoy it while it lasts! I plan on it thank you :-)  She's also going to take me baby shopping to get a few things I need. My brother also wants me to go clothes shopping for him. He likes what I pick out for him and I love that chance to go shopping and spend someone else's money :-)  Overall, I am very excited...it's a change in pace and I think it will do us some good. We are very tight on money but mom always hooks us up :-)

Happy fall!