Baby C is a month and 4 days old and by God, it blew by fast! He is growing like a weed. He had horrible diaper rash this morning. Every time he had a dirty diaper or when I changed him, he would SCREEAM, the poor thing. Its better now but I felt so bad because there is nothing you can really do but wait. Other then that, he has had a really normal first month!

I have been doing pretty good, I think, handling him by myself for the larger portion of the day. Hubby works long hours and has to go to bed soon after getting home so I basically watch the baby all day and night for 3 or 4 days at a time. Today was rough, with Baby C screaming every 15 minutes for a couple hours, but finally he's feeling better so I can relax...*sigh*...

Some days I really start to miss home in Virginia. I left all my friends, school, work, and my family behind when I got married and moved. God knows I wouldn't trade what I have now for the world, but I can't help  but get lonely and miss having friends. I have a very small group of friends now and I just wish I had more people to call, more people that would stop by, or to just have more people that call to check in. I feel, sometimes, that its just me by myself and no one cares how I am doing. :-(  Hubby tells me that its partly my fault, that I'm shy and I don't associate with people enough. He says I need to go out and MAKE friends. me thats just ludacris. I do not like people, I don't like having to try and make small talk. I know when I meet someone if I want to be friends with them. I don't bother with people I know I don't want to talk to. *sigh*...I don't know.