one month update

We finally weighed the baby today: 13 pounds! Not sure how long he is...I have to find my little tape measure but if you have checked out my pics on Shutterfly, there is a picture that shows him compared to me.

I am definitely aware of how stubborn he is. I had to let him scream for about 10 minutes because he wasn't hungry, I had just changed him, he didn't want his pacifier and he wasn't happy in any position I put him in. So after a crying bout, I popped his paci in his mouth and he passed right out. He is VERY stubborn when it comes to going to sleep. He will fight it with all he has. But eventually, he cannot fight it when I rock him to sleep. It never fails. :-)

Today went good till about 7 pm when he began fighting sleep and he finally passed out around 8:30. I was finally able to do some dishes and eat dinner. I am going to bed now before he wakes up again.