Newborn screening: your stories.

I hope you have been following along with Newborn Screening Awareness month! I have shared a few newborn screening stories and some education material, but this post is geared towards you!

I want to hear your stories.
Did you know about newborn screening (NBS) when you were pregnant?

Did you ask about the results?

Did you have a negative result?

Personally, my answer to all those questions is no. I knew nothing of NBS when I was pregnant with both my boys. I didn't know what they tested for, or how many my state tests for, or what it even involved. I knew nothing till after Corbin passed away and I started educating myself and getting involved.

You're not a bad parent if your answer is no to these questions as well! That's why there is NBS awareness month! To help educate parents about NBS and to spread the word about these life saving tests.

So tell me, what are your NBS experiences?