World Prematurity Day: supporting preemie awareness.

One in eight babies are born too soon.
Worldwide that translates to 15 million babies that are born too soon.

You may know someone who experienced this, or you may have yourself. But what I bet you didn't know is that out of those babies who are born too soon, many of them won't make it.

I know a preemie named Eva. She was hospitalized at Ruby while Corbin and I were there, and our families were both staying at the Ronald McDonald house. I heard about them first because they had the running record for longest stay at the RMD House.

I soon got to meet the popular little baby girl that everyone couldn't stop talking about. She was tiny and fragile, but she also was a tremendous fighter. Watching her slowly grow and develop has been inspiring. Such a tiny little human that doesn't know the meaning of the word "fail", little Eva has truly had a very hard life, battling many health problems, but she also is full of life.

During this day, World Prematurity Day, our goal is to help spread awareness about premature birth but to also share stories of survivors, and to remember those who did not make it but will never be forgotten. If you have or know of a premature baby, please share your story here on this blog or on the March of Dime's Facebook page.

March of Dimes started this campaign in 2003 to raise life saving funds for education and research. They also started the Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait initiative to help support pregnant mothers by focusing on reducing deliveries before 39 weeks.

Watch this video below to learn how you can support this very important cause.