The Corbin Story FUND! Honor Corbin for his birthday.

I have finally reached a dream.
I have the amazing opportunity to reach non profit status through becoming a fund!

I have found a local foundation that exists to help small groups become non profit without having to deal with the paperwork and legalities. Through this foundation I will be able to accept donations and in turn, put that money back into the community through an educational class, educational material, and events. The majority of the money will be held in an account that will gain interest and that will be donated directly to Heart Defect research.

I just need your help!
Right now I am focusing on sharing and letting people know about this fund and how I need to raise $500 to make it a reality. Then after that, I will be official!

My goal is to have reached official Fund status by Corbin's birthday: February 20th. I really hope that all together we can make this happen!

So lets do what we all do best and share!