The best gift of all: saving a live for Christmas

Did you know that every TWO minutes, a woman dies during childbirth?

What an awful tragedy, that a woman would lose her life while bringing a new life into the world.

There is a organization that has dedicated all it's power into preventing such a thing from happening. Maternity Worldwide wants to see a world where "every mother, wherever she lives, is able to give birth safely and without fear."

Through this organization, they:

- provide communities with information on maternal health and family planning
-improve access to health centers and hospitals
-train local midwives and doctors to help them provide safe births
-where necessary, provide the equipment and resources needed so hospitals and health centers can enable woman to give birth safely.

Maternity Worldwide has introduced an amazing idea: save a live for Christmas. Instead of buying someone a gift that they don't need, put that small amount of money towards helping a woman have a healthy and safe birth. 

For a donation of 15 pounds (little over $24) you can sponsor a safe birth.
For a donation of 50 pounds (little over $80) you can sponsor an emergency c-section.

Simply order a Safe Birth Certificate and pass along the true meaning of the season: life.