A first

My son had a fever for the first time yesterday.

Hubby and I had left him with my father-in-law around 10:30 yesterday morning to go run some errands. When we got back around 1:30, the first thing I noticed when I picked him up was how hot he was. I thought maybe, since he was laying on Curtis' chest, that was why he felt warmer then usual. But 20 minutes later, he was still burning up.

As a mother, this terrified me. This is the very first time he has ever had anything worse then the sniffles. I, of course, began running every horrifying, can-only-end-in-death, scenario through my mind.
-He has the flu
-He has the bird flu!
-He has the plague
-He's only going to get hotter and hotter till he spontaneously combusts!
"calm down, its just a little fever"

I gave him some fever reducer and after taking his temperature and seeing for myself that it was only one degree higher, I calmed down.
A little bit.
I called my mom.
"Baby C has a fever, WHAT DO I DO?!?!"
"Take him to the doctor, now"
"You think so?"
("Throw him in the snow!") my dad yells in the background.
"All the snow is gone!" I wailed.
After they heard his temperature was only 99.6, they told me not to worry and to call his pediatrician just to make sure.
So I did.
They told me that they don't start to worry until a child's temperature goes above 100. The nurse told me that the medicine I gave him was the right idea and all I could really do now was wait and see what happens.

It annoyed me because when you are a new mother, people tell you not to think anything is a stupid question. And the nurse just made me feel like it was a stupid question and I was silly for calling about it.  I know it wasn't really a fever but I was still worried.

Baby C was really fussy for the next couple hours, sleeping then waking up crying, then going back to sleep. When I woke him up at 7:30 to give him some more medicine, he felt cool again. What little fever he had was gone.
At that point, I remember that teething can cause a baby to get a fever. Since it lasted so short of a time, I assume that is what was wrong. I felt so much better that he didn't have the plague or the bird flu and that it was only due to teething.

That doesn't mean it didn't scare me.
But thats motherhood for you. :)