Day One

Sunday-20th of February
9:30 am

My water breaks in the shower.
At first, I think it's nothing. I remember thinking: did my water just break?...naaaah.
When more fluid keeps leaking...I am trying not to get too excited.
"I'll wait some more and see what happens"

After about a half hour, Hubby calls down the hall to me:
"Honey? What are you doing?"

"Are you okay?"
"I don't know!!"

"What do you mean!? Are you having labor pains?"
" But I'm leaking!"

"Do we need to leave?"
"I don't know!!"

I call my mom to ask her opinion. She tells me to call the hospital and ask them. I know I should do this, but in a way, I don't want to go in! I'm not ready!!
Anyway..I call the hospital. I tell the nurse I have been leaking for an hour and a half. She tells me that my water definitely broke if it has lasted that long and I need to come in.

Realize I haven't packed anything.
I rush around with a towel between my legs, because I'm still leaking, and try to wrap my brain around the fact: YOU ARE HAVING A BABY TODAY!!
Smack myself in the face when I realize I haven't even gotten a baby bag together.
Geez! What have you been doing for the past nine months woman?!

We arrive at the hospital around noon.
They try to check my cervix. Emphasis on TRY.
I am told my cervix is "in my tonsils".
Doctor tells me a c-section would be advised.
Due to the fact I am having no labor pains, no contractions, no signs at all that I'm having a baby: a c-section would be better for me and the baby.
After your water breaks, you need to deliver within 24 hours to avoid infection. If I tried to wait to go into labor, it could be 12 hours, easily. My doctor tells me, I could go through the long and painful labor again, waiting to progress. Or I could have a c-section. She tells me, I worked like hell with my last labor, and she sees no reason for me to go through that again.
I am totally up for the easy way.

I had asked the nurses to hold off as long as possible on the IV.
They had graciously obliged but now that we have decided on a c-section, it was time.
Surprise! The nurse gets the IV in the first time!
*phew!* I was really dreading it. They stuck me four times with my last delivery.
Speaking of pain, getting a catheter put in when you are totally aware and under no medications: OUCH.

I'm wheeled down to the OR.
The staff are really friendly. I can tell they are trying to distract me by starting a conversation. I appreciate the thought, but it didn't really help. I am VERY aware of the anesthesiologist getting the needle ready.
The first stick really stings but it works immediately. I feel a lot of pressure when the spinal goes in and feel my toes go numb in seconds.
They lay me down and start prepping my belly. Anesthesia makes me nauseous and I'm sick once.
After some big tugs and lots of pressure:
I, of course, start crying.
At 2:27 pm, Peanut is brought into the world. 6 pounds, 14 ounces, he is a tiny little squirt compared to my first born of 9 pounds, 4 ounces. He cries as the clean him off and wrap him up.
When I first see him, he's really wrinkly and red. I notice he has my nose and Hubby's eyebrows. Just like my first born.

I sleep as they stitch me up. I get wheeled to recovery to let the spinal wear off.
A half hour later, they take me back up to my room. Curtis, his girlfriend Shirley, and Monkey are in the room already. Monkey wants to be held but I am in no shape to be lifting a 25 pound toddler. I'm told he was saying "baby" during the ride to the hospital. :D
Hubby, Mom, and Dad walk in. I start crying when I see my mom. 10 minutes later, Peanut is wheeled in. The nurse tells me he's starving and I need to feed him. Nursing is a lot easier then last time I tried. After some more visitors, everyone leaves except mom. She stays with me the rest of the night.

Peanut falls asleep at midnight. I get about two hours of sleep until the pain wakes me up. Back to sleep till about 5am when the baby wakes me up.

My favorite part of the day: falling asleep holding my baby. :)

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NE Mom said...

Ah that first night, it must be a sweet memory now, before your life changed forever.

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