Paint and Tape

We started painting the living room the other day.
Now keep in mind, these rooms haven't been touched up in probably a decade. And the living room isn't the only one that needs painting.

There are 10 rooms in this house:
Four bedrooms
Two full baths
Living room
Family room
Dining room

The bedrooms and bathrooms have recently been updated. The paint color isn't my favorite (they were painted before we moved in) but at least it's new. The living room has one dark forest green wall and three walls that are some kind of sea foam green.
It's horrible:

This doesn't portray how blue it really is.

I don't know what Hubby's mom was thinking when she picked this out all those years ago.

We, meaning me, picked out a neutral Mocha Syrup brown for the living and dining room. It's going on pretty good, we will have to do another coat but it will be slow going since Hubby went back to work today. I'm, technically, not supposed to be painting but I went ahead and painted the bay window trim.

My camera is stupid and can't handle the amount of light coming through the window.
But here is the wall with the bay windows.

I painted all the trim.

Hubby started to put tape up near the ceiling...then we realized we don't have to because we plan on putting up crown moulding.

This is the old forest green next to the new brown I picked out.

All the trim has to be touched up, since Hubby's mom smoked in the house when she lived here, the white has turned a shade of yellow.


So there is a lot of work left. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed by the amount. 3 more rooms full of baseboards, walls, window trim, door frames, CEILINGS!...I mean it all needs to be painted. Not to mention the entryway.
Plus the kitchen cabinets. Ugh.
So 4 more rooms?
That's a lot of paint.
And tape.
I hate taping.
But guess who gets to do it?

So let the reno begin!