A midnight trip to the ER

I was at work when I got the call.
"Monkey has a fever."
Usually I'm not too worried when The Kid gets sick. I buy some meds, make sure he's comfortable and rested, and let his little body kick some virus butt.
But this time his fever rose over a degree in an hour and he was hotter to the touch then he ever has been, so the Hubby decided to take him to the ER just in case.
I'm on the phone with Hubby, as he tells me that they are getting ready to leave, and I say "You know they might hook him up to an IV right? You know I can't handle that and neither can you."

All I hear is a sharp breath in and silence as we both go back to that day Corbin was admitted to the ER. I shake the image from my head as he tells me he'll ask his dad to come with him.

I turn to tell my boss and my co-worker that Monkey is on his way to the ER and I start crying. I'm not worried so much about the fever, I tell them, but what they might do to him. Monkey is so perfect and healthy, I just cannot handle him being poked and prodded with needles. I pray that they don't need to do anything like that.

Thankfully I was training a co-worker to cover my position that night, so I was able to leave. I work at a restaurant so I just can't leave, someone has to be there to cover. My boss and co-workers shoo me out, saying everything will be ok, and to let them know how it goes.

As I'm getting into my car, I see my Hubby and father-in-law pass by. I jump inside and follow behind them. There is one car between us and as we get to where the road spreads to two lanes, I see the caution lights start blinking and they take off.
I'm just thinking, Oh God, something bad has happened, and I take off behind them. I just pray there isn't a police officer sitting around because we were going a good 20 miles over the speed limit.

We all get to the hospital, I park really fast, and head inside. Turns out Monkey vomited three times and covered the back of the truck. He's crying and crying and cannot be consoled.

It's about 10pm by this time and there's not a lot of people waiting so were are able to get through triage pretty fast. By the time the doctor comes back to see us, Monkey's fever has done down already and he has fallen asleep on the hospital bed.
The doc tells us that his left ear looks pink and his tonsils are really inflamed and full of pus. He mentions strep, then tells us that all he really needs is fever reducer and some antibiotics.

It's been a day and a half since this happened and Monkey is just fine, back to his old self. I know this wasn't a huge emergency and it could have been a lot worse, but just that little ER visit brought back some anxiety. The smell of the hospital, the beeping...oh the beeping really gets to me. It just took us right back to that long, white hall way in Morgantown. I'm so thankful Monkey is super healthy and doesn't need to visit the hospital very often.