Fierce Pierce

I really don't know what to say, but I want to write this down so that more people know his story and will never forget the amazing life of Fierce Pierce.

Pierce was born premature, with heart defects, and also had Heterotaxy Syndrome. He needed surgery to help correct his defects and the hospital he was at could do the surgery, but his mom wanted the best. She wanted to take him to Boston to the experts, who had done the surgery many times. The hospital where Pierce was admitted had only done the surgery once or twice in a very long time but Medicaid denied the transfer since his hospital was able to do the surgery. They didn't feel it was necessary to transfer him if help could be found within the state.
You can imagine the commotion his amazing mother made to get her son to the experts in Boston. She rallied  online for support and got the media attention she needed that eventually had her and Pierce transferred to Boston. 

Pierce fought for his life for just over a year but sadly passed away this morning in his sleep. 

He was loved by thousands, and will be missed greatly. I just hope that those close to Jessamyn and Pierce never forget his amazing life and how he inspired strength and hope to people around him. I cannot say that I know Jessamyn very well, but I do know that she fought like hell for her son. She fought against doctors, insurance, naysayers, and ever her own family to get her son the help he needed to save his life. She is truly an amazing woman and I can only pray that she receives the love and support she needs in this terrible, tragic time. 

So remember Pierce with me. Make this picture your profile picture, share his story, let the world know that he lived and he is loved. 
We will never forget you Pierce. 
Love from West Virginia, 
Corbin's Mama.