Full circle

Today Corbin came full circle.
Today my baby's legacy came alive.

The very hospital where Corbin was born, where his heart murmur was detected, and where his very first pulse ox test was taken, has started screening every newborn with pulse ox because of Corbin's short life.

It feels like only yesterday when we heard the news he would need heart surgery. The long drive in the rain to Morgantown to await surgery, the Ronald McDonald house, the waiting...oh the waiting. Three months of waiting. But my baby fought so hard. He fought for his life, but Corbin did not lose his battle, he was instead freed from the pain.

 "God saw him getting tired,
a cure was not to be.
He wrapped him in His loving arms,
and whispered, "Come with me."
He suffered much in silence,
his spirit did not bend.
He faced his pain with courage,
until the very end.
He tried so hard to stay with us,
but his fight was not in vain.
God took him to His loving home,
and freed him from the pain."

It has only been 15 months since Corbin passed and some days it feels like a lifetime ago, yet on other days, I'm right back there in that waiting room, eyes pressed shut, praying to God that my baby makes it through another surgery.
To say I'm stunned we got a law passed in three months is putting it lightly. I am in awe, shocked, speechless, amazed, and humbled how God has helped me and my family through this hard time. For my son to go through so much and not make it, but then to change the world and save lives!! Oh, how it takes my breathe away.

I want everyone reading this to know that all it takes is one loud voice to make a difference. If you have a passion for a cause, all you need to do is roar, and change will happen. Do not stop. Do not falter. You have a purpose and a passion that can affect the world; do not let that go.

So here's to Corbin. Here's to the Peanut who showed my what life was really about, how to be patient and understanding, how to slow down and appreciate the little things, and especially, how to make a difference. Thank you Corbin, my little lion. Mama loves you so very much.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to stop by the hospital right as they were about to test their very first baby with pulse ox. I got to talk to the nurses and the very doctor that detected Corbin's heart murmur. I thanked him for what he had done and told him that this bill never would have come to pass if he had not caught Corbin's murmur. By that one act, he has in turn saved other lives.
Monkey went with me to the hospital and got to see the very pulse ox machines that are going to save lives.

All thanks to his little brother.
I am one proud Mama.

To Corbin.

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mrsnoah said...

One word: AWESOME! God gives us all kinds of challenges, but very few embrace those challenges like you have. Corbin now saves lives! His legacy will continue to thrive! You are an awesome mama! He is right there beside you on this journey called life with God on the other side! Thanks for sharing!

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