Liam Lyon: gone but never forgotten

I hate writing this.

Another heart baby passed away yesterday. William Elijah Lyon, affectionally called Liam was born 5 weeks early but looked great. Turns out he had a life threatening heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which if left untreated, is deadly. Liam's doctors decided right away that he needed a heart transplant, but while waiting, he got worse. So they went ahead with the Norwood, one part of a three part surgery that hypoplastic left heart (HLHS) babies receive. But it didn't help enough and he soon underwent the Glenn, the second surgery, but that also didn't help enough and he was sent to the top of the heart transplant list. He thankfully received that much needed heart transplant some time later, but poor Liam's body was getting weak. Liam was about one year and seven months old, only spending ten days of his life at home, when he grew weak. He fought like the brave lion tens of thousands of people know he is, but it was too much.
Sweet Liam Lyon passed away yesterday at about 8:30pm, in the arms of his loving and amazing family. Liam's strength and courage cathered over 80,000 followers on his facebook page and his chubby cheeks could light up a room.

If you would like to help the family, an account has been set up to accept donations to help with the funeral and other expenses. Please visit their Facebook page to see how to help.

Liam will always be in my heart with his chubby cheeks and heart warming smile, as well as his amazing fighting spirit. Please help me remember Liam by wearing red, lighting a candle, turning on your porch light, or by spreading the love that he was so full of. 

You will never be forgotten brave Liam Lyon.


Anonymous said...

May god bless his little soul....sending much love from oklahoma

Amanda Ellis said...

I have done all three. I continue to pray this precious baby and his family. I pray for their peace and strength. You cant imagine how many times ive been going through something petty in my life and then thought of Liam. Hes gone through so much. He and his family have shown what it really means to be tough and True heros. Hes definitely my hero.

Anonymous said...

im follower of his and always will be! missed but never forgotten I would love to order some shirts and stuff to show and remember him and show awareness for him and other families he touched many of people and all sorts of ways possible.

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