Day two and three


As day two, newborn edition, begins; I begin to realize that my son is a night-baby.
He is more active during the night and sleeps all day. The complete opposite of his brother.
Go figure.

I sleep when I can, nurse when I have to. They take my catheter out (OUCH), and were going to take out my IV but I wasn't feeling that great so they left it in.
They bring up my "mothers lunch." It consists of shrimp cocktail, salad, steak and potatoes, lobster tail, and creme brulee cheesecake.
Too bad I'm too nauseated to eat it.

So I sit and stare at it, miserable, as I try to fight back this nausea. Hubby walks in, and attacks his steak and potatoes.
I moan and groan, and try to go back to sleep.

Dr. D arrives.
He tells us he heard a heart murmur in the baby and has already talked to a specialist in Morgantown.
*insert minor heart attack*
He tells us Peanut's vitals are good, but his blood pressure is a little too high. He will stay here with me till Wednesday, but if his blood pressure hasn't gone down, then Dr. D will not release him.
He has also been scheduled for an echocardiogram in Beckley Wednesday, since the hospital does not have the equipment to run the necessary tests.

Everyone tells me that heart murmurs are nothing, and not to be worried.
But I have a bad feeling about this.

More visitors.
We explain the news.

The day goes on, people coming in and out.
I'm still worrying.
We look up heart murmers online.
Continue to worry.

Day Three

They take the baby around 8 am for an xray.
Tests all look the same. Vitals are good. We wait on news from Dr. D. He tells us he has a phone consultation at noon with a cardiologist. He will let us know how it goes.

Peanut's circumcision has been postponed to avoid unnecessary stress on the baby.

I'm trying not to imagine all the horrible things that could be wrong. He could have something seriously wrong with his heart. He could need surgery.
Instead I try to focus on the positive. He is nursing great, he is alive and breathing, he is holding steady. There is no reason to get all worked up.
We are all praying for good news.

After a couple hours, Dr, D stops by. He tells us that Peanut's vitals are good, his blood pressure has gone down, and he and the cardiologist see nothing wrong with sending him home. He does want to see him Thursday to check his jaundice, as it is still a little high.
So the baby is cleared, but I am not. I still have to wait on my OB to get back from Covington.
Knowing doctors and time schedules..I don't see that happening anytime soon.
Settle down for a long wait.

Almost 5 hours later, my OB finally shows up. She clears me and tells me to stop by Thursday after the baby's appointment to take out my staples. Me and mom pack up everything, I hop in a wheelchair (whoo hoo) and we head downstairs!

When we get home, I (being the nut I am) cannot stop cleaning. For some reason, my nesting hormones have not kicked off yet so I am hell bent to get the house back in order before I will sit down.
Mom and hubby badger me to stop cleaning.
I ignore said badgering.
An hour later, the house is back to my standards and I can relax.
As soon as I sit down, Peanut wakes up.
Let the sleeplessness begin!!