My parents came up to visit me Friday. While they were here, I got a phone call from my husband's aunt-in-law that she would like to paint our family room. She has already painted our dining and living room and our entryway but would like to keep going. So I went to Lowes to pick out a paint color so she can get started.
I picked up a magazine while I was there to help me get ideas on how to design our kitchen and family room since its an open floor plan. I also ended up meeting another mother here who owns her own construction company and was giving me pointers on which walls to tear down and how I could make our house flow better.
The point of all this is; my dad was listening to me explain paint colors, and cabinets, and islands, and design and he started laughing.
"She's up here at the hospital and she's worried about paint colors!"
Well, yes I am.
I AM up here at the hospital but I feel connected to back home if I am involved in picking out paint colors. I can sit up here and daydream about floor plans, colors, and new love seats because it helps me feel like I'm not that far away. It helps me to feel normal. Like this is only temporary.
So yes, I may have some grand schemes as to how I want my house to look, but it gives me something to focus on. To dream about and look forward to.
It helps me feel connected. :)