Dumpster Diving

You have to be careful where you put your belongings around here.

I had placed two baby blankets on the counter, and for the past 5 weeks, no one has touched them.
Then last night, the night shift nurse decided to do laundry.
"Agghhhh!!!" This frustrates me to no end. I had made sure to make my pile of blankets and books like like "mine" but they still get tossed in the laundry.
I even went "dumpster diving" for them. A nurse and I went through all the laundry from the morning that hadn't been taken out yet but to no avail.
They were gone.
I left a message with the laundry people but I don't think they will call me back.
They are all probably sitting around, drinking coffee and eating cookies, listening to my message laughing.
"Crazy lady", they say.
"Those blankets are goners", they laugh.

Well, turns out one of my blankets only got moved but she must have thought the other belonged to the hospital because it is MIA.
Oh well.
Hopefully it turns up in the laundry room in a couple days and I can snatch it back. Maybe writing my name across it will prevent future laundering.

You have to watch those night shift people.
They're sneaky.


mama to j and bean said...

Those sneaky $&@^*#%€! I'm glad you found one blanket but I know how heartbreaking it can be to loose those lovely little treasures :( I hope you find the missing blanket!

Perrin said...

This seriously cracked me up! :)

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