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Just wanted to give a shout out to Camille of knitknackhats.blogspot.com. She came across my blog and offered to knit a hat for Peanut. Well I just got it in the mail and you have to see for yourself:

Isn't it adorable!? She is so talented; I just had to share. If you would like to see more samples just visit her blog here and you can email her at knitknacks@gmx.com. She is also making a hat for my other son, which I ordered in the same stripes and colors, just with a green monkey. I will share a photo when I receive it. Thanks Camille!!

*This is not sponsored. Camille has no idea I am sharing this!*

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Camille's Knit Knacks said...

Wow! Well thank you so much for the compliments :) SO glad you like it!

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