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A dear friend of mine has decided to help us in our fundraising for Peanut. As you can imagine, the costs are astronomical for a newborn to have multiple surgeries and to stay in the hospital. I found out yesterday that one little bag of TPN (total parental nutrients), a special premixed solution costs almost $1000. The fat free formula he was on while bottle feeding was $125 for 5 ounces. 
Her name is Erical Taylor Alls and she is a Scentsy Consultant. Here is what she posted...

Hey everyone!! I am a Scentsy consultant. I am doing a fundraiser for Ruth and Corbin. 100% of my comission raised during the duration of the fundraiser will go to Ruth and Corbin for their expenses. Check out and click on Corbin's Party. If you can't purchase alot that's fine. A 3 dollar scent circle will help out this family tremendously!! Please send me a message if you have more questions. Tell everyone you know!!

As I have said before, we are eternally grateful to the people who have donated already. Your love and compassion helps us keep going. I have told myself not to worry about bills, that it will all work out, but like they say, every little helps! Don't forget, I have a paypal Donate button on the right if you would rather use that.
God bless you all.

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camille said...

What state are you in? Depending on where you are, Corbin could be eligible for medical assistance and they cover A LOT! Maybe you already know all of this and have looked into it, so if you have already, just ignore my suggestion! But if not, you should ask one of the hospital social workers about it and I bet they could hook you up with the right forms to fill out. -Camille (a fellow WS momma)

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