Williams Syndrome Awareness Week

Today is the beginning of Williams Syndrome Awareness week. In honor of this week, I am going to share the stories of other WS moms.

Unlike Peanut, not all WS babies are born with heart problems. The effects of Williams Syndrome vary with every child and those effects can range from mild to serious. Peanut obviously, has suffered serious heart defects but that is not always the case.

A blog friend and fellow WS mommy has a child whose effects of WS are quite mild. She chronicles his story here. She is much more motivated then I, when it comes to breast feeding. She has completely rearranged her diet to accommodate her 20 month old she fondly calls, Bean.

Due to his WS, he cannot tolerate certain foods and she has to be very careful about what she eats, as he receives it through her milk. Like many WS children, he has high blood pressure, intestinal issues, and feeding difficulties.

I appreciate her and other moms sharing their stories so I get a preview of what I can expect. Hopefully their stories will help others to understand Williams Syndrome and how life may be for little Peanut in the future.

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