15 minutes of fame

Today a friend and I were interviewed by WVVA news about heart defects and Pulse Ox (read more here ). We were both so nervous and worried that we would forget something important or leave out something crucial in understanding Pulse Ox. Lucky for us, the reporter is a former classmate of mine, which helped ease the pressure level. We chose a casual spot in the park where a playset was dedicated in honor of Corbin.
An hour and a half later, we were done. We had both told our stories; all though very different, are both very touching. The reporter did a great job of pulling out the right questions to make me cry. I don't mind though, hopefully the interview will really hit home with viewers and bring a few more tears.
I'm so happy we were able reach out on such a big level to people. As I told the reporter, I just want people to hear the words "Pulse Ox" and remember that heart defects are a possibility.
1 in 100 kids are born with a heart defects. This isn't a small percentage we are talking about and by mandating Pulse Ox, it can help save lives. I told her if we help save one life, then our work has been sucessful.
If you are in the West Virginia area and you get WVVA news, tune in Tuesday night at 5 to watch our interview!

BIG thanks to Kathy, Michelle, and Kristine for all their hard work on Pulse Ox, and especially Rachel for interviewing us!


mama to j and bean said...

You are such an amazing advocate! Thank you for inspiring me!!!

Erin said...

Me too!!!! xoxo

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