Help save a life

Have you ever given blood?

I haven't.

I think it's about time I did. When you see the signs for blood drives, do you ever think where that blood goes? See here to find out. I know Corbin received 5-6 blood transfusions while he was in the hospital. They have a blood bank where they keep the blood and if that bank is empty...well thats that. There is no more. They cannot "make" blood, it has to be given by a volunteer.

A blood transfusion can save a babies life. And all you have to do is donate. Here is the story of a baby with cancer that needed over 50 transfusions. Without those transfusions, she would not have survived. Here is the story of a man whose rare blood has saved over 2 million babies! And here, and here, and here! There are dozens of stories.

If you would like to make a difference and help save lives, it only takes a little bit of your time, visit to find out more. You can search for a local blood donation center in your area, set up a blood drive, or set up an appointment to donate.

Here is a link where you can learn the different types of blood and who can donate to who. I personally, have 0 negative blood and I can donate to anyone. However, I can only receive 0 blood.

Your body can restore what blood you donate, something a machine can never do. What an amazing thing!

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Alyssa said...

I'm an o-neg too. I've been donating since long before my son was born. After he was born I learned that o-neg is typically what they give to babies needing blood transfusions because we're univeral. Before his surgery I tried to direct-donate, but wasn't able to fulfill his need and he had to have some donor blood. I am greatful/thankful for other donors for filling the need. Next donation I make finishes 'paying back' for the blood he needed. I look at donating as paying it forward.

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