Baby's first

I'm so glad Christmas is over.
I really do enjoy the decorations and family time but the crowds, the pressure, and the uncalled for rise in gas prices really wears me out. Now the lights and decorations are all put away, all the little snowmen figurines are packed up, and the wrapping paper is thrown away.
There is still a lot of candy floating around, however.

Monkey had a good time, I have to say.
Who doesn't love presents!?

He was quite good at unwrapping...

We actually didn't get him reason really. He has all kinds of different toys. I also am not one of those people who showers their kid in presents "just because". I'm glad he liked what he got though. :D

On another note, I am almost finished with my baby blanket for the new baby. 

I am debating whether or not to put his whole name or just his initials on the blanket once I'm done. I really don't know how right at this moment but I'm sure there is a way.