Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is my favorite part of this holiday simply because I get to spend time with family.
Every December 24th, my aunt-in-law Yevonne has a dinner for just her brother( my father-in-law), my brother-in-law Wayne, and her daughter Stephanie. Well, Steph couldn't make it due to snow, since she lives in Virginia. Wayne brought his gilrlfriend and her three kids and Hubby's cousin Chrissy showed up. I love this dinner because there isn't a lot of people and there is no drama.
Monkey was the center of attention the whole night and he was loving it. Everyone was taking his picture and playing with him. He couldn't get enough. Of course when we get home, he's so pumped up that he's not ready for bed. But I'm glad he got to see family members and spend time with new friends as well.
I don't believe in Christmas, but I do enjoythe togetherness that comes from it. :