Say cheese!

After putting it off for 3 months, I finally knuckled down and caught up on my schoolwork.
I started taking a photography class online through Penn Foster when Monkey was three months old. I breezed through the first couple lessons then got stuck on the lesson about lighting. It was mainly concerning artificial light versus natural light and how to measure both.
Talk about complicated.
Photography class was hard enough when I had a professor and 15 other classmates. Geez.
Once I got past that lesson (passed with an 80%), it got a lot easier. Now I'm back on hold because I have a project I have to turn in. The first half is to photograph a publicly used building using natural light and the second is to photograph a woman using available light.
I know who and, most likely, where I'm going to photograph the woman. But the building, I'm stuck on. I don't know whether to wait till the snow has melted or not. I have the time but I know warmer weather won't come around till about April.
Just another reason for me to hate snow.