It's snowing...darn it.

I. Hate. Snow.'s so cold, and wet, and dreary, I hate it.
I like "pretty" snow. I like the thick, clumpy, make-everything-look-magical kind of snow. The kind that sticks to everything EXCEPT the road. That kind of snow I can live with.
This stuff is blegh...ugly.

You can't really tell from the picture, but the snow is blowing around and its FREEZING.

I would hate to be one of the cows right now.


ON TOP of the flooded too! Apparently, (I wouldn't know because I slept like a rock) it rained like doomsday last night and flooded.

If you look past the fence, towards the trees, you can see all the water that rose last night from the creek.

It does that every time it rains hard and every winter when the snow melts.

At least we don't own the land that gets hit the hardest with water. It just covers a small part of our land, not too bad.

This is a picture of my fogged up front door:

I was doing laundry and it warms up the whole front of the it gets kinda foggy when its cold outside. :P

I drew a snowman on one of the panes. The middle, right one.


On another note: Monkey is walking A LOT more. I think Curtis is going to be right, that Monkey will be walking before Christmas! Right now, its more walking then crawling but its still not one all the time.

It's really exciting to see him learn new things. Like now he can imitate certain sounds you make. He likes to move his tongue over his lip and make a gobble like sound. It's hard to explain but SUPER cute. :D He can also clap his hands together. I love it.

We all went to the Greenbrier hotel yesterday to meet Rachel and get our Christmas pictures taken. It was a lot of fun and more personal then just getting a portrait taken. I don't like portrait pictures. I think they're are lame. It's so much more creative to pick a spot that you like outside of a studio and get your picture taken there. Here's some of my favorites.

Here Monkey is sitting on the piano. It could not have been more perfect!

And here, he's under the tree. I love how the lights reflect off of the floor. This one is my favorite. :D

The lighting wasn't the best, but that what you get with a basic digital camera. Dad is going to buy me a semi-professional grade camera like I've always wanted. I have a manual one, but not a digital. So next year, these should turn out a lot better. But for our first family picture, ever, I think they turned out great!