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A lot of people tell me "Let me know if you need anything" or "What can I do to help?"
Honestly, we need support. You have no idea how much it means to hear people ask how the baby is, or if we need any gas money. Just knowing that you are thinking of us moves us beyond words. And to the people who have sent us money: we are forever in your debt.

I want to send a super-uber-I-love-you to the guys and gals of Mount Olive Correctional Complex. For the past two days, they have held a hot-dog sale in our name and have raised a little chunk of change for us. The fact that they even organized a sale moved me to tears. I haven't met any of the officers, but I talk to them daily and I want them to know "you ROCK". Not only officers but office staff, kitchen staff, the front desk lady Debbie (thanks for the food!!), Shanna (you rock girl), and the guys who ask how the baby is when I call for Hubby. You all are amazing and Hubby and I could not be more appreciative and thankful for your support and your prayers. Thanks guys.

I have added a "Donate" button on my blog for those who want to help out. I am, by no means, asking or guilting anyone for money. It's just there as an option. I want to stress that any and all money donated will NOT be used for anything other then medical bills, gas money, or other hospital related needs (like food). We are eternally grateful for any donations.

Another option for those interested is to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in tribute to Peanut. Without this house, we would not be able to stay up here with him. They offer a room, food, laundry, a kitchen; the whole nine yards for only $12/day. Then at the end of our stay, if we are not able to pay, they will not ask us for any money. It is considered a donation if we do pay. My parents have covered our first 30 days here, but we have surpassed that already. You can even send food, clothes, baby toys, carseats, shoes...etc. and someone in need will be very thankful for your contribution. The Ronald McDonald House is strictly non-profit.

For more info:   http://rmhc.org/

To send donations or call:

Ronald McDonald House in Morgantown
841 Country Club Drive
Morgantown, WV 26505 USA

Phone: 304 598-0050
Fax: 304 599-0780

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mama to j and bean said...

It sounds like you have some amazing friends and the Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful resource. Hugs to you and sweet Corbin!

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