Help spread the word!

In an effort to get a bill passed in West Virginia to make Pulse Oximetry Screening mandatory, I and two other moms (Kathy and Michelle) have joined forces.
Kathy has a blog as well, and has covered our goals and links to helpful information here.

This is a very important cause to many people. 1 in 100 babies are born with a heart defect. This simple, non-invasive, and cheap test can save lives. Not all heart defects can be detected by this test, but it is effective in many severe cases and still very important. A quick diagnosis is crucial with many heart defects. Corbin had an interrupted aortic arch and if not treated within 4 days, is deadly.

Even if you do not live in West Virginia, you can help your state by visiting your pulse ox group on Facebook. (Here is a list of states)The more people who read this, the more awareness we can spread, and the quicker we can get Pulse Ox mandatory in every state. Maryland and New Jersey have passed the bill already, lets keep the ball rolling!
Here is a link to a petition targeted at all lawmakers in all states to show how important and how many people care about pulse ox screening.
*As of right this moment, the site is down. I suggest waiting till tomorrow to sign. Right now there are so many people trying to view it, it's not working. (awesome sign!)

If you know someone who is pregnant, pass on the word. Send them these links and help us educate others about the importance of Pulse Ox screening. Every baby matters. Its better to have heard the information and not need it, then to be taken by surprise.

Signs to look for in a newborn that may point to a heart defect are: blue feet or hands, extreme jaundice, abnormally heavy breathing, shortness of breath, having to take breathers when nursing, and a bluish tint to the lips, fingernails, and skin.
*extreme jaundice is not necessarily a sign. I only list it from experience and from hearing other heart babies suffered the same*

Don't forget: 20/20 is airing a segment on Williams Syndrome tonight at ten!
Here is the link.