I'm so excited.
A fellow heart mom posted a link to a blog. The blog is run by a couple in Australia who, periodically, take requests from mothers of angel babies. They take the requests and write your baby's name in the sand at the beach at sunset, take a picture, and email the jpeg to you.

They started the idea after their own child was born a stillborn. The mom had a dream she saw him on the beach and as she got closer, she could see where her son had wrote his name in the sand. The next day, she went down to the beach to write his name and take a picture.
They have been doing it ever since.

Corbin is on the list.

I can't wait to see his name written. It's going to be beautiful!


mama to j and bean said...

What a lovely way to honor Corbin! I'm looking forward to seeing the picture <3

Also, just wanted to say that I am loving the new look!

Anonymous said...

Ruth what a loving reminder of Corbin! I pray that you receive some measure of peace from his sunset! I have seen many heart friends photo's and they have always moved us to tears! I am sorry you have to have a photo, our prayers continue with you!

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